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Struggling to Start or Grow your business?

 Are you making things more difficult or time-consuming than they have to be?

Let me guess... You're ready to build and grow your dream business, but the "how" is the hard part. You're fed-up trying to piece together the mountain of information and steps needed to build a business. You're feeling lost, stuck and confused. You want someone to make it simple so you can just get moving.

Hey! I'm Sara, and I’ve been there. Over the years, as I grew my businesses, I started and stopped, pieced things together, and had a lot of self-doubts. People seemed to do things better than me and I felt like I wasn't doing enough. I felt unsure, overwhelmed and alone.

 what if you could...

Stop spinning your wheels and making excuses for not knowing where to start or what to do next

Quit wasting time trying to piece together the overwhelming amount of information it takes to build a successful Business 

Avoid the stress of figuring it out all on your own

Focus on the important tasks that will make the greatest impact in moving your business forward

Many women dream of running their own successful businesses. They’re lured in by the possibility of doing meaningful work, owning their schedule, not having to answer to anyone, achieving financial independence, and potentially transforming the world. While the glamor of running your own business is enticing, the reality is quite different. 

Running any business is hard work. The good news is that successful business owners have learned to master these challenges, and you can too. That means getting into alignment and focusing on your top priorities - things only you can do to move your business forward.

Master the creative chaos:

Making your business Dreams Come True

There's a reason you’ve been working, hustling, and persevering. Your dreams are big, but maybe you feel lost, unsure, and confused.

Imagine having a clear path. Imagine more confidence. Imagine less overwhelm.

You've got the determination and the big dreams, and I have the tools to help you make them a reality.

Master The Creative Chaos is a smart, strategic approach that will help you manage the chaos of starting and growing a business without sacrificing your well-being.

By prioritizing what's important, making a roadmap, and developing a winning mindset, you will stop doubting your decision making abilities, and gain clarity on what success looks like and how to achieve it.

Getting more organized and productive isn't just about doing more work, but also about having more time to enjoy the things you love.

wondering if this Program is right for you?

this Program is for you if...

You're overwhelmed and your business feels disjointed and piecemeal

You don't know where to start or what to do next

You Need Step-By-step Guidance

You are tired of feeling all alone

this Program is not for you if...

You are Clear and Confident of your next-steps

You are Happy Doing things on your own

You are satisfied with where your business is at

You are comfortable working in chaos

A cosmos resides in all chaos, a secret order resides in all disorder.

xo sara


Master the Creative Chaos:

Making Your business Dreams Come True

By examining the five major components of your business: Operations, Marketing and Sales, Accounting and Finances, Client Experience and Process, and Client Relationship Management (CRM), I can help you prioritize your to-do list into manageable goals, as well as incorporate healthy lifestyle habits so that you can maximize your time without sacrificing your well-being, and create a business and life you love.



Let me help you navigate the mountain of information and tasks it takes to grow your business with step-by-step guidance. Together, we will:

- Define your priorities with a focused 1 hour session on the 5 Pillars of Business

- Create a roadmap to guide you on next on your next steps 

- Have confidence in your decision making abilities with mindset work

- Feel supported by someone  who has the tools to help you succeed.

I gained empowering motivation to make specific changes in my life. I understand exactly where I need to start with the chaos in my mind.

I finally understand how to break down seemingly huge tasks into small ones, making them feel so much less overwhelming. I also understand that I'm allowed to take time for myself and not say yes to everything. I am as important as my clients and work. 

- Jennifer Burnham

Kind Words

Program Option 1: Quick Start

Let's take your ideas and prioritize them into action.

Your dream is to build a successful and fulfilling business, but the amount of information and things to do is overwhelming and confusing. With the Quick Start program you will create a step-by-step action plan for launching and growing your business. You will receive:

- 90 minute strategy one-to-one session that will help prioritize what to do next
- 4 week roadmap to guide you in your next steps


Program Option 2: Month-By-Month

Implement your ideas with one-on-one support.

As brilliant as your ideas may be, they won't build a successful business unless you follow through with execution, with the Month-By-Month plan you will receive 4 weekly one-to-one Zoom calls for support with implementation and accountability. You will receive: 

-  90 minute one-to-one strategy session that will help prioritize what to do next
-  4 week roadmap to guide you in your next steps
-  4x30 min coaching/implementation sessions
-  1 month unlimited text and voice message during office hours


Program Option 3: 60 Day VIP Upgrade  

Develop Clarity + Confidence and Create from Your Core 

Launching and growing a business is one thing, but with the right mindset and skills, along with support, guidance, and mentoring, you’ll go even further. This 60 day deep dive not only address business basics, but will help you identify your strengths, own your worth, realign your beliefs, and establish your value as a business owner and creator all in ways that deeply support you, You will receive:

- 2 hour strategy session that will dive into your business and personal development
- Strengths Assessments                  
- 8 week roadmap to guide you in your next steps  
- 8x50 min coaching/implementation sessions
- 60 days unlimited text and voice message during office hours


Master the Creative Chaos:

Making Your Business Dreams Come True

Develop a simple and easy to follow path to grow your business.
(So you know exactly what to do next!)

Get rid of marketing overwhelm. Streamline your marketing and sales systems to a more strategic approach to reach more people and get booked faster.

Make informed business decisions, keeping your business afloat and profitable and ultimately growing your business. 

Create a competitive advantage that leads to amazing testimonials, ongoing referrals, repeat business, a solid reputation, and much more.

Identify where a specific client is in your sales pipeline so you can deliver whatever is timely and necessary to move them to the next stage.

Have every single one of your projects and tasks, files, templates, emails, meetings, appointments, and reminders accounted for and organized.

Avoid the frustration of trying to figure things out on your own.

Sara helped take a few seemingly impossible problems I had, and chip away at them until they were a few manageable goals.

Sara knows just what questions to ask and when! She helped me take a few seemingly impossible problems I had, and chip away at them until they were a few manageable goals. Not only is she a strong ally while being coached one on one, she does an amazing job at bringing groups of people together and leading a supportive and growing environment. 

- Ariel Schutte

Kind Words

Hi there, I'm Sara!

I'm a Whitefish, Montana-based business mentor, founder of the Iconic Women's Collective, and creator of Master the Creative Chaos: Making Your Business Dreams Come True.

Some might say I'm a little bougie, a good part gypsy, and a lot wild at heart.

Over the past two decades, I've been an entrepreneur and gatherer of women. And, as a Certified Leadership and Wellness Professional, I've invested many years developing my skills.

It's my life's mission to support women to build a wildly successful business without sacrificing their well-being.

Building a business can be tough, but with the right tools you can have a life and business you love!

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Payment Plan Available

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one Time Payment

one Time Payment

Sara will help you take your mind-set, and life-set to a whole new level! 

Sara coaches from a wealth of experience and wisdom. She is authentic, genuine, and sincere. If you are looking to take your life to its full potential, I definitely recommend speaking with Sara. Her perspective and love for coaching and consulting is evident and will help you take your mind-set, and life-set to a whole new level! 

- Crystal Sgro

Kind Words

do you have some questions?

Let's answer them!

How soon will i see results?

If you want a business that lasts you're going to have to be patient on the build. If  you try to build too fast its likely you'll crash and often times your business will, too. With a smart and strategic approach, you can craft a business that fits with your goals, lifestyle, and timeline.

Can You guarantee Results?

I love this program and fully believe in the principles  and application of it. There are client success stories  from real live people who know me, have worked with me and believe in my work. However, as I have no way of knowing what you will do with the program, I can not guarantee results.

Are You offering a Payment Plan?

YES! I love payment plans. You will find the payment options when you click to enroll.

What is Your Refund Policy?

 I do not believe you are going to want a refund for this program. However, upon enrolling, check out the welcome packet and to do the homework , and if you feel the program is not right for you, email sara@saradunbar.com within 48 hours of your purchase for a full refund.

What can I expect from this Program?

You will receive help from me that will clarify your priorities, turn them into manageable goals with a proven plan and step-by-step roadmap.

How is the VIP Program Different?

The VIP Program is  a 60 day deep dive into business structures, taxes, identifying your strengths, purpose, realizing your worth, and establishing your value as a business owner and creator, as well as setting your prices and becoming in alignment for getting paid. Weekly one-to-one  sessions are 50 min.

I’m not brand new...is this for me?

I highly recommend this program if you feel that your business started on the wrong foot or on a shaky foundation. Getting back to basics may be exactly what your business needs to get you on the right track.

How can I invest in this, when I'm not earning any money in my business yet?

The investment always comes first, then the return. (That's why it's called a Return On Investment!)  Consider Fortune 500 CEOs and elite athletes: they all have coaches and will readily tell you they couldn't possibly have achieved what they did without their coach. 

Starting a business is easy …

...making it profitable is a bit trickier. 

You’ll need to avoid the same deadly business-building mistakes your competitors are making.


Master the Creative Chaos:

Making Your Business Dreams Come True

Take the stress out of figuring things out yourself.

Build a rock-solid foundation and get your business organized the right way.

Move forward with your business feeling aligned and confident.   

Tap into your potential and get in the game. 

Build a business and life you love.

Master the Creative Chaos: