Have you ever played Whack-A-Mole? You know the game where you grab a mallet and see if you can pop the mole back into its hole? That was me. FOR 15 YEARS. Swinging at one crises after another, day after day.

Homelessness, bankruptcy, depression, fighting for my marriage, wrangling teens, all while exhausting myself as I tried to frantically fluff pillows and fill everyone else's expectations of me.
I lost control of my life and it wasn't until one day I woke up, tired of hiding under my covers and drinking waaayy too much wine, that I decided I needed a second chance. A chance to rise up again, stronger than ever and take back the life that I was created for, 

I believe in second chances.

About Me? Well...

Focused  on your Mission, Not your obligations
diving deep into the root of Limiting Beliefs
Exploring Broader perspectives and inspiring interest in new possibilities
Showing you how to Set healthy boundaries
Celebrating the wins along the way

My Approach

There's no one-size fits all program, book, lotion, or potion. We're unique humans that need a unique approach to dealing with some of life's biggest obstacles.

Imagine if you had someone to fully listen to you and offer support, accountability, collaboration, education, and resources that were personalized to who you are and what you need.

This is where my purpose and passion collide: helping you rediscover your North Star and align yourself in the power of love, courage, brilliance, determination, and the allure of being your own unique self.

To be completely honest, you and me, we're not like all the rest.

Real, raw, unedited, and sometimes messy life experiences have a way of challenging us, teaching us, and transforming us. I'm grateful for the deep soul work that has come from my experiences and because of them I've added a few tools to my belt along the way.

Getting to the root of my limiting beliefs, trusting my intuition, nourishing my body,  creating a peaceful mind, following an inspiring vision for my life while bringing others along for the ride was important to me. I love to learn, so I started to dig in deeper.

I became a Functional Medicine Health and Wellness Coach and received my Science of Wellbeing certificate from Yale, and while I do love taking a deep dive into the Ennegram,  I'm not ashamed to say that spending a Saturday night pouring over Positive Psychology is my jam.

But, aside from all of that, I believe true life change comes  from within and having the support of someone who believes in you, championing you along the way. 

I had to learn to trust myself.

and still I rise...

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